Once a police headquarters during the mid 20thcentury, 195 Pearl Hill Terrace is one of the longest pre-war civic buildings in existence. This historical building has now been transformed into an artistic and hipster space containing hidden treasures and gems. Many may be unaware that this terrace is in the vicinity of the bustling streets of Chinatown, more specifically, behind the People’s Park Food Centre. Located atop Pearl’s Hill at the heart of Singapore, 195 Pearl Hill Café isn’t just awesome coffee, pizza, satay, salads, ‘wiches, savoury eats and dessert.






Tiong Bahru Satay specialises in handmade Hainanese pork satay and it's unique peanut sauce and handmade pineapple puree. The proportion of meat and fats in every stick of satay promises a taste of balance. A match made in heaven when paired with the secret recipe for over 40 years brings back delightful memory for folks from the yester years. The story of Tiong Bahru Satay brings us back to the scene of our "Satay Man" (also known as Ah Pui) selling his satay in Tiong Bahru Estate illegally with his iconic wooden push cart. He was a household brand and legend and decided to cease his business after endless "catching games" with the authorities. He is now rooted at 195 Pearl Hill Cafe and is weaving the community together with the values he uphold one stick at a time.





Sebestian Liu, also known as Chef L, has more than 10 years of culinary experience. As a service driven Chef, he puts his heart and soul in every dish he creates. He insists on handmaking his ingredients, in hopes that the souls of his diners can be nourished.

Chef L is knowledgeable in multiple cuisines including Italian pasta and pizza making, French cuisine, Spanish pastry making and Australian meat curing. His broad knowledge and experiences empowers him to be versatile and innovative. Not only does he create dishes to suit his customer’s palate, he often infuses local flavours into his creations. Some examples include Kaya (coconut jam) pizza, Chilli Padi pizza and Chilli Crab pasta.





Benjamin Tan is the founder of Rickshaw Coffee, an enterprise focused on transforming communities through coffee, one cup at a time. His interest started brewing from beans to coffee when he was a young Barista, working to pay off his studies. It was where he perfected his skills in coffee making. Slowly was a passion for community which grew with every cup of coffee he served as he interacted with people from all walks of life. Eventually, he pursued to develop communities in Singapore using Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) enabling ground up movements amongst informal groups, grassroot organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and ministries.







Directions via Train:

5 min walk from Exit C @ Chinatown Station (Downtown Blue Line & North East Purple Line). 


Walk into People’s Park Food Centre and exit from the back of the food centre.

You will see a flight of steps near the car park gantry opposite of the food centre that leads up to a four-storey building that is 195 Pearls Hill Terrace.


After the stairs, enter the building at the ground floor to Unit #01-56.

Directions via Car:

Turn left into Pearls Hill Terrace from Eu Tong Sen Street, drive 100m uphill to arrive at a large blue sign that says 195 Pearls Hill Terrace.

Ample parking available at $0.60/30minutes (with no grace period).


Opening Hours: 

11.00am - 5.00pm (Mondays to Saturdays)

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #01-56 Singapore 168976