The Attic Fox (Mocktail)

The Attic Fox (Mocktail)

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Smooth and staid, this elderflower chiller will refresh your palate and can be be consumed in combination with a variety of white and red meats to provide a balanced gastronomic experience!



Fresh and forward-looking, this lime and lemongrass combination is concocted to please those with a weakness for citrus and enlightening flavours. Great as a heat-fighter or Netflix-and-chill companion!



A prolific and precocious liquid libation, this combines rhubarb and apple in an embodiment of nice and naughty; straightforward and sophisticated. Enjoy this robust beverage on its own!



Outgoing and people-pleasing, this pink guava and acai berry combination will delight optimists with an eye on the future! A sweeter concoction relative to her peers, this is definitely a crowd favourite!

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